The 20th International Congress on Marine Corrosion and Fouling

June 16-21, 2024 Guangzhou, China

Comité International Permanent pour la Recherche sur la Préservation des Matériaux en Milieu Marin (COIPM)

Tony Clare, Chair, Newcastle University, UK

Eugene Georgiades, Vice Chair, Secretary, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Claire Hellio, Treasurer, University of Brest, France 

Paul Armistead, Office of Naval Research, USA 

Kevin Reynolds, International Paint, Ltd, UK

Axel Rosenhahn, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Emily Ralston, Florida Institute of Technology, USA 

Sergey Dobretsov, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

Dominique Thierry, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, France

Marlène Lejars, University of Toulon, France

Kody Lieberman, Navy Surface Warfare Center, USA

Ashley Coutts, Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd., Australia

Guangzhao Zhang, South China University of Technology, China

Chunfeng Ma, South China University of Technology, China

 Qingyi Xie, South China University of Technology, China